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Three Common Horse Leasing Mistakes for First-Time Lessees

Are you thinking about leasing a horse? Leasing provides horse enthusiasts with a good alternative to ownership. As a lessee, you can enjoy the pleasure and responsibility of ownership, without the costly investment. Leasing is also a beneficial prerequisite for those who are serious about buying a horse in the future. While leasing can be…
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Staying Horse-Legal: Protecting Yourself As An Equine Seller

Selling horses can be a lucrative business when all legalities are in check. Much like any other business in which you sell expensive merchandise, there can be plenty of pitfalls that you may have to navigate. Knowing equine law, getting everything in writing, and doing your homework are just some ways you can make sure…
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California’s Agisters Lien Law Or How to Collect From Your Boarders

By: T. Randolph Catanese, Esq. Copyright ©2007 How many times have you heard someone say that they have horse boarders who have not paid their bills and wish they knew how they could collect?  Even worse, the party not being paid, the boarding facility, still has the obligation to provide care for the horses in…
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