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Equine Law Contracts and Agreements

Whether you’re a rider, owner, breeder, or other type of equine professional, it’s important to understand the importance of accurate contracts and agreements. Contracts and agreements are extremely important in any equine transaction in order to properly protect yourself, any other party involved, and of course, the horse. Because many people in the horse industry, regardless of discipline, buy, sell, board, train, lease, or breed horses, there are many types of contracts and agreements and often vary from one transaction to another. Because circumstances can vary greatly, “one size fits all” rarely applies in regards to equine contracts and agreements, which is why such documents are best left to an equine lawyer to draw up.

Below are the most common types of agreements where a contract is typically necessary:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Breeding Contracts
  • Syndication Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Installment Sale Agreements

Catanese & Wells is an equine law firm experienced in all types of equine law. Mr. Catanese has been working within the equine law industry since 1984 and aside from contracts and agreements, he specializes in general horse law, tax planning, equine insurance claims, corporations and partnerships, and more issues within the equine industry. By using a lawyer with experience in such a specialized field, you can expect high-quality services and a knowledgeable team by your side.

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