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Benefits of Obtaining an Equine Attorney

Owning a horse means a lot of time and money spent. More when there are several. At times it can be necessary to obtain legal assistance for various reasons. For a better understanding of what these specialized attorneys can do, and a rundown for the various reasons to hire an equine-specific attorney rather than a…

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The Uptick of Estate and Trust Litigations in California

In recent years there has been an uptick in trust and estate litigation in the state of California. Many people have been left wondering why. The economic state of the world has a direct effect on the uptick in trust and estate litigation in California. Changing markets can reveal bad asset management and economic struggle…

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Common Reasons to Seek Out a Trust Lawyer

If the beneficiary of a trust has reason to believe that a trustee has acted in a way to breach their fiduciary duty, their best course of action is to seek legal representation from a certified trust lawyer. This may include cases of asset mismanagement, theft, probate litigation, guardianship litigation, or any other case involving…

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Causes of Action for Will and Estate Litigation

When a family member disagrees with the execution of a will, trust, or estate, trust lawyers in Los Angeles can help. Common causes of action for estate litigation are outlined here.

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