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Understanding Trust Litigation

North V Wilkinson [2018] is a high-profile trust litigation case between entrepreneur John North and investor Wilkinson. North was a successful inventor who entered into an agreement with a manufacturer for the device he had built. He later sued the manufacturer for breach of contract, obtaining 17 million in damages. Now, the investors in North’s…

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Signs That a Trustee Has Breached Fiduciary Duty

When a trust is given to a trustee, the trustee has agreed to manage the trust’s assets on behalf of the beneficiaries and must handle all trust assets by the terms dictated in the trust. If a trustee knowingly or unknowingly mismanages the trust’s assets and does not follow the terms described in the trust,…

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Catanese Law Discusses What Startups Should Know to Avoid Business Litigation

Startups founders face many significant challenges within their first year of operation. From developing a business model to hiring experienced staff, entrepreneurs are often over-worked and prone to mistakes during this period which can develop into costly business litigation further down the road. Below, the Business Group, Catanese Law’s business litigation team, will share the most common…

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The Benefits and Dangers of Power of Attorney in California

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that establishes a relationship between two people, a principal and an agent. The principal is usually an elderly, ill or disabled individual. The agent may be a trusted relative or friend. The POA allows the agent to make powerful legal, financial or medical decisions on behalf…

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