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Trust and Estate Litigation

Catanese and Wells explains how trust and estate litigation cases are different, and why people may require a lawyer.

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Everything to Know About Equine Law

Anyone who owns or works with horses understands that there are many legal complexities that can be encountered on occasion. When they do come up, an equine lawyer is the way to go. Equine law providers serve all clients who are around horses in any capacity. They provide a number of essential services such as…

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Why it is Beneficial to Utilize a Trust Attorney for Nursing Home Care Planning

Many older adults and those thinking about nursing home living believe that any living trusts protect their assets from nursing home expenses. However, that isn’t strictly true — and even the trusts that do are subject to particular criteria and limitations. Los Angeles estate attorneys understand the nuances between all kinds of living trusts, allowing…

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Inheritance Disputes Amongst Children

The loss of a parent is surely one of the most distressing periods of a person’s life. But what can make the time even more difficult to cope with is when it comes time to dividing the deceased’s estate, particularly when siblings are pitted against one another. On many an occasion, a shock will or…

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