Equine Law & Horse Attorney

Horse Law and Equine Attorney

Did you know that there are equine law firms that focus on general horse law and equine litigation? Catanese & Wells is a California-based equine law firm that has served the needs of the horse industry since its inception in 1989. If you are looking for a horse lawyer in California, you only have to look at the firm’s founder. Mr. Catanese, the founder of the firm, has been serving the needs of the equine industry since 1983 when he set out to specialize in the field of equine law as an accomplished equine law & horse attorney.

Current and past, Mr. Catanese has represented clients involved in all aspects of the horse industry as a California equine law attorney. He is a recognized horse lawyer who has worked with owners, breeders, and those providing all the services to the industry. The firm, through its horse attorney group, represents clients who own many breeds of horses. These include Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Arabian, Appaloosa, Quarterhorse, Standardbred, and more.

In addition to his work as an equine attorney, Mr. Catanese has appeared as a guest lecturer before the American Horse Council and the University of Arizona Racetrack Management Program. Mr. Catanese also appeared as a speaker at the 2014, 2017, & 2019 National Equine Law Conference sponsored by the University of Kentucky School of Law. He is a member of the American College of Equine Attorneys.

Services offered by the equine law group include:

  • Equine Litigation/Disputes
  • General Equine and Horse Law
  • Lease Agreements
  • Breeding Contracts
  • Equine Litigation Support
  • Syndication Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Installment Sale Agreements
  • Equine Real Estate and Ranch Matters
  • Tax Planning
  • Equine Insurance Claims
  • Corporations and Partnerships

Whether you are an owner, rider, breeder, or another equine professional, you will need to find equine law firms that will best serve your needs. Catanese & Wells offers the equine law and horse attorney services needed to solve any equine-related problems you may have. No matter the discipline, breed of horse, or level of profession, Catanese & Wells is dedicated to working with you to provide you with superior services. Our team of experienced California horse attorneys can assist you in all equine law matters, ranging from lease agreements, to equine real estate matters.

By using an experienced equine law lawyer, you can expect high-quality services and a knowledgeable team by your side. When you have been in the equine law industry as long as Mr. Catanese, you truly gain a thorough understanding of the horse world and its legal concerns. Mr. Catanese brings his vast experience to assist his clients.

Allow our experienced equine lawyers to provide your horse business with a special evaluation including the benefit of our years of experience in equine law in Southern California and across the nation. This makes us able to provide you with a personal consultation to make the most of your horse business. Catanese & Wells has California business litigation lawyers who can also assist you in the management and operation of your potential or existing horse business.

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