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Civil Litigation

Do you need a civil litigation attorney in Los Angeles to resolve a dispute? Catanese & Wells California civil attorneys represent individuals and organizations throughout California. With a concentration in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and Santa Barbara counties, the firm’s civil and securities litigation lawyers handle all matters related to civil litigation. A civil attorney in Los Angeles can provide legal assistance for a wide variety of disputes. However, we recommend selecting a civil attorney in Los Angeles with direct experience in cases like yours. Our California civil litigation attorneys specialize in the following fields:

Business and Commercial Disputes

Outside of legal professionals, understanding the difference between business disputes and commercial disputes can be rather general. This is understandable, as what a commercial or business dispute entails is rather complicated. In the simplest terms, a commercial dispute is any dispute between two businesses. However, various intricacies and nuances surround commercial and business disputes, and each case can vary greatly. While there are many disputes, the most common are breach of contract, breach of fiduciary responsibility, and intellectual property infringement.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when a person fails to honor a legal agreement and the contract’s responsibilities. Breaches of Contract are perhaps the most frequent commercial dispute as most business arrangements are based on legal contracts. Contracts can outline prearranged commercial dealings, financial obligations, or asset deliveries. If a breach of contract occurs, an individual can hire a civil litigation lawyer to pursue compensatory damages.

Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility

Like a breach of contract, a breach in fiduciary responsibility refers to one-party failing to complete the duties they are contractually obligated to perform. A fiduciary is anyone who is responsible for acting in the best interest of their employer, company, or organization. A fiduciary frequently handles estate, services, finance, or assets and are contractually obligated to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. When a fiduciary fails to adequately perform these duties and benefits from acting in their self-interest, then there has been a breach in fiduciary responsibilities.

Intellectual Property Infringement

With technological advancements and the internet improving access to information, intellectual property trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets have become essential in financial success. Frequently, intellectual property includes ideas or digital concepts that are not physical objects. While the intellectual property may not be able to be physically stolen, the property’s use or distribution without the owner’s consent still constitutes a commercial dispute, and the owner can pursue legal action.

Employment Disputes

An employment dispute refers to an official disagreement between an employee and their employer, often regarding the employee’s rights. Otherwise known as a labor dispute, employment disputes can be based around various aspects of employment such as fringe benefits, wages, and work hours. However, the dispute must always refer to already agreed-upon terms, as decided in an employment contract. There are two major types of employment disputes: interest disputes and rights disputes. Interest disputes are disputes formed from disagreements between an employee and employer regarding pay, vacation time, bonuses, etc. Rights disputes are disputes based on an employee’s rights to fair wages and working conditions or an employer impacting an employee’s civil rights.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes generally arise from a breach of a business contract between two business partners. When a business partnership is created, a business contract will frequently be signed that will document each partner’s duties and responsibilities, the allocation of profits and losses, and the partnership’s business goals. The most common type of partnership dispute is when one partner breaches the business contract. The breach can come from failing to make necessary payments for business essentials, errors in the delivery of goods, and failing to surrender property upon the sale or transfer of business.

Business to Business Disputes

Suppose a company feels wronged by another business or feels the business’s actions within the free market are deceptive. In this case, the company may seek out civil litigation or a litigation lawyer for a business-to-business dispute. If, for example, a company has slandered another company’s name or product, a business-to-business dispute may develop.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes are disputes that involve property affixed to land or the land itself. Real estate disputes are frequently between an individual and a real estate firm; however, two individuals can enter a real estate dispute in the event of a private sale. The most common reasons for real estate disputes are undisclosed problems with the house, breach of contract, repair issues, zoning issues, and negligence or breach of duty. Frequently these disputes involve properties that are high in value and can take a greater length of time to resolve compared to other civil litigation cases. For this reason, people often choose to seek other forms of dispute resolution to conclude their dispute more quickly.

Contractor Disputes

Many independent contractors create their contracts when beginning a new project. The agreement will usually include information pertaining to the scope of the work, the start date, timeline completion, who pays for materials, and the payment schedule for the contractor. Many contractor disputes come from disagreements between the contractor and homeowner in regards to the contract. If a clause of the contract has been breached, a homeowner or contractor can seek litigation for breach of contract.

Small Business Litigation

Small business litigation refers to any litigation that involves a small business. A customer or another business can pursue legal action against a small business for a variety of reasons. However, the most common are breaches of contract, personal injuries, auto accidents, discrimination against employees, and intellectual property rights.

Securities Disputes/NASD Broker-Dealer Problems

Securities disputes are one of the most common ways to resolve disputes. Frequently used in cases involving financial losses, arbitration uses a panel of one to three impartial people to listen to the evidence and reach a decision regarding the claim. Arbitration or securities disputes are frequently used when a case involves stockbroker or brokerage firm misconduct. For this reason, many stockbrokers and brokerage firms are members of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). Most securities disputes take place under the control of the NASD, as the NASD requires members to arbitrate customer’s complaints when requested.

Obviously, there are no shortages of reasons to seek out California civil attorneys. Citizens can sue or be sued under just about any non-criminal theory of law. Anyone who feels they have been wronged financially or have had their rights violated deserves to have their voice heard. Our California civil attorneys will stop at nothing to ensure justice served. It’s also important to note that we provide the best California civil litigation services for both individuals and businesses who find themselves the defendants in a lawsuit. Time is of the essence in these cases. The quicker you contact our California Los Angeles civil litigation team, the quicker we can put together a plan for the defense.

Every civil litigation attorney in Los Angeles we employ works hard to get the case resolved as quickly as possible. The firm’s civil litigation attorneys in California provide initial consultations with the aim of an early settlement of a case. If this is not practical, the law firm’s civil attorney in Los Angeles will strive to deliver a superior litigation effort. The goal of every one of the firm’s civil lawyer in Los Angeles is to resolve the case quickly and avoid trial through mediation or arbitration. If a trial becomes necessary, your civil litigation lawyer Los Angeles team will work to conclude as quickly as possible in favor of the client.

Catanese & Wells understands each case that requires civil lawyers in Los Angeles, California, has its own unique issues. Because of this, each case is always individually evaluated by a civil attorney in Los Angeles in order to ensure the correct actions are taken. Hiring an experienced civil lawyer in Los Angeles can be the best way to avoid losses. Catanese & Wells is an experienced California business litigation office in the Los Angeles area, a firm that can help you to prevent financial loss. Contact us today for a free consultation and to find the best civil attorney in Los Angeles for you.