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Common Equine Disputes

Virtually all disputes in equine related cases arise by reason of neglect or an honest dispute about a contract or the management of a horse. That said, increasingly horse related disputes now include intentional acts such as fraud or intentional harm to one’s reputation or business. When these disputes arise, typically a third party will be involved such as a trainer, veterinarian, transport company, or “agent” who represents one of the parties to the dispute. Great care should be exercised when the dispute first arises to avoid making matters worse by statements which are published on the Internet or by smartphone. And, early on the aggrieved party or the party who has been threatened with a legal claim should immediately seek legal counsel such as an experienced horse attorney to minimize any unintended consequences.

Typically, disputes involve claims related to the purchase and sale of a horse. These claims may include breach of contract claims as well as tort claims for fraud related to the sale of the horse. Several states now offer consumer protection relief to buyers if a seller fails to follow the law (i.e., the seller fails to deliver a written bill of sale and/or fails to disclose the payment of sales commissions in excess of $500). Common issues also arise where a horse is injured by reason of the negligence of another such as a transportation company, veterinarian, or boarding facility. And, there are occasions too where the injury relates to a person such as a rider or a trainer.

When the equine dispute arises, it makes good sense to contact an experienced equine law firm like Catanese & Wells.