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California Probate and Trust Legal Summary – Spring 2021

Catanese & Wells, a Law Corporation provides a quarterly newsletter to the California probate and trust professional community including lawyers, accountants, professional fiduciaries, and insurance providers.  In this issue of the Probate and Trust Legal Summary the focus will be on the authority of the court to act “in equity” when matters arise related to…
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The 5 Most Common Reasons for Will Contests In Los Angeles, California

During estate planning, many do not expect their Last Will and Testament to ever be contested. A will is widely recognized as a legally binding and permanent document that’s conditions will be met after an individual’s passing. However, each year between 0.5%-3% of wills are contested within the United States, alone. To avoid your will being contested, it is essential to understand the various ways people…
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Cantanese and Wells Law Office Discusses Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Will

When it comes to planning for the future, it’s common for people to procrastinate finalizing significant decisions. Trying to predict and plan for future events can be a daunting task; however, when writing a will, it is vital to take immediate steps to protect your estate and recipients. Cantanese and Wells Law Office, a firm specializing…
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How to Best Protect Your Business from Litigation

Litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and it comes as no surprise that most businesses would rather do their due diligence to avoid it rather than wind up on the receiving end. Catanese & Wells are known throughout the greater Los Angeles area for their team of business litigation lawyers that are prepared…
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