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What Happens When a Trust Fails to Identify Assets of the Estate

A living trust is a written legal document where assets are placed into a trust for a person’s benefit during their lifetime and their beneficiaries benefit after their death. The successor trustee is put in charge of reallocating assets after the death of the individual who wrote the trust. The living trust is often selected…
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Explaining Four Different Business Structures

  As you’re starting out in business, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is the type of business structure you choose for your company. That decision will have huge implications on personal liability, taxes, and even how much paperwork you will need to do. The truth is that no business…
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4 Tips to Avoid Contract Disputes

In our experience, improper planning at the start of an agreement is a primary cause of many contract disputes. The contract is what dictates the expectations for performance and payment, and issues can arise when the rights and obligations of each party are not clearly identified or understood. Consider our helpful tips to steer clear…
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