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How to Prepare for Business Litigation – Tips for Small Business Owners

We explore how business owners can protect themselves and properly prepare for small business litigation.

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Catanese Law Discusses What Startups Should Know to Avoid Business Litigation

Startups founders face many significant challenges within their first year of operation. From developing a business model to hiring experienced staff, entrepreneurs are often over-worked and prone to mistakes during this period which can develop into costly business litigation further down the road. Below, the Business Group, Catanese Law’s business litigation team, will share the most common…

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How to Best Protect Your Business from Litigation

Litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and it comes as no surprise that most businesses would rather do their due diligence to avoid it rather than wind up on the receiving end. Catanese & Wells are known throughout the greater Los Angeles area for their team of business litigation lawyers that are prepared…

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Recent Lawsuits Show Significance of Retaining Business Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles

Adhering to the letter of the law should be at the top of every company’s daily checklist. New ventures expose your firm to legal risks if done incorrectly; the variety of scenarios that could end up in a lawsuit can be bewildering. With this in mind, more firms are retaining a business litigation attorney in…

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