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Catanese and Wells on the Most Common Trust Disputes

A trust is a type of fiduciary agreement in which one party holds legal ownership of property for the benefit of named individuals. A trust takes place when one individual, known as a trustor, grants legal control of their property and assets to another individual known as a trustee. Control over assets is granted to…

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Have you been Named in a Civil Suit? This Long-Standing Los Angeles Law Firm can Help

Cooler heads do not always prevail. When individuals find themselves at odds over business, real estate or workplace disputes, “talking it over” isn’t always going to help. In situations like these, the best path forward will likely include retaining legal representation. Catanese & Wells, a Los Angeles law firm, has spent decades handling civil litigation…

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Landmark Los Angeles Land Sale is ‘Exhibit A’ for Living Trusts, says Catanese & Wells

Few tracts of land in Los Angeles have a history as storied as “the Mountain.” Once owned by game show entrepreneur Merv Griffin and then Herbalife founder Mark Hughes, other groups that have toyed with the idea of ownership include actor Tom Cruise as well as the son of a convicted felon who represented mysterious…

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5 Tips to Avoid a Defamation Claim

While it’s impossible to completely avoid a defamation claim, there are many things you can do to make it harder for a successful defamation claim to be made against you. So what exactly is “defamation”? Defamation is officially defined as “the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.” In the age…

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