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Legal Expectations When Buying a Horse

Buying a horse is an exciting opportunity, but it’s best that all parties have a good understanding of equine legal solutions to ensure smooth transaction.

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Everything to Know About Equine Law

Anyone who owns or works with horses understands that there are many legal complexities that can be encountered on occasion. When they do come up, an equine lawyer is the way to go. Equine law providers serve all clients who are around horses in any capacity. They provide a number of essential services such as…

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A New Era for Horseracing in 2022: The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act

The United States of America’s horse racing regulations are known for being stagnant and patchy. However, July 1, 2022, is set to be the date when the sport sees significant changes in the standardization of regulations and enhanced safety measures according to horse law experts. It’s a much-needed adaptation that enhances the jockeys’, horses’, and…

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Best Breeding Practices for First Time Horse Breeders

For many horse owners, entering their horse into a breeding program is a logical next step in horse ownership. Breeding horses can be an excellent source of revenue and can help reduce the costs of boarding and farm maintenance. While the decision to breed your horse may seem to have only positive outcomes, there are…

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