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Understanding Horse Ownership Disputes in the Equine Industry

It’s important to understand that equine law defines a “horse” as property, which can be bought and sold. The general rule in the United States is that horses are “personal property.” Once a horse is defined as property a person’s rights and remedies are limited to those the law recognizes for injury, interference or theft…
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5 Problems That Lead to Equine Disputes

Lawsuits can arise in the equine industry for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, disputes arise when a person or horse is injured due to someone else's negligence. Disputes can also arise when agreements aren't properly written and there's a misunderstanding between the parties involved. To avoid a lawsuit, it’s important that you understand equine…
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How to Find a Reputable Horse Trainer

No matter if you own a stable or horse, you ride, or you breed horses, one thing is for certain. You always want to ensure you have a reputable horse trainer working with or for you. Here, Catanese & Wells provides important tips on how to find a reputable horse trainer. More than a Trainer…
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