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Equine Accident And Injury Claims: Legal Rights And Responsibilities

We explore the legal rights and responsibilities surrounding equine accident and injury claims, and the measures equine owners, professionals, and sponsors take to safeguard themselves against potential lawsuits.

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Legal Expectations When Buying a Horse

Buying a horse is an exciting opportunity, but it’s best that all parties have a good understanding of equine legal solutions to ensure smooth transaction.

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Everything to Know About Equine Law

Anyone who owns or works with horses understands that there are many legal complexities that can be encountered on occasion. When they do come up, an equine lawyer is the way to go. Equine law providers serve all clients who are around horses in any capacity. They provide a number of essential services such as…

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Benefits of Obtaining an Equine Attorney

Owning a horse means a lot of time and money spent. More when there are several. At times it can be necessary to obtain legal assistance for various reasons. For a better understanding of what these specialized attorneys can do, and a rundown for the various reasons to hire an equine-specific attorney rather than a…

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