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Benefits of Obtaining an Equine Attorney

Owning a horse means a lot of time and money spent. More when there are several. At times it can be necessary to obtain legal assistance for various reasons. For a better understanding of what these specialized attorneys can do, and a rundown for the various reasons to hire an equine-specific attorney rather than a…

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A New Era for Horseracing in 2022: The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act

The United States of America’s horse racing regulations are known for being stagnant and patchy. However, July 1, 2022, is set to be the date when the sport sees significant changes in the standardization of regulations and enhanced safety measures according to horse law experts. It’s a much-needed adaptation that enhances the jockeys’, horses’, and…

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Catanese & Wells Observe Common Reasons for Litigation

Much like other sectors within the legal umbrella, equine law can be filled to the brim with complexities that elude the average citizen. Because of this, equine lawyers work diligently to ensure clients are familiar with the given situation and have a wholistic understanding of their liability. Catanese & Wells, as experts that specialize in…

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Randy Catanese Esq., Featured in Latest Edition of American Horse Council Tax Bulletin

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to alter life as we know it in America and around the globe. Catanese and Wells is committed to researching the latest information from the federal and state government to put all of the clients we represent in the best situation possible. Recently, our founder, Randy Catanese Esq., was asked to…

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