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Understanding Equine Law: A Comprehensive and In-Depth Overview from Catanese Law

Catanese Law explains how, unlike other legal fields, equine legal solutions intertwine with the unique aspects of equestrian activities, breeding, training, and competition, making it a distinct and complex area of study and practice.

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Buying a Horse? Do Your Due Diligence

As Featured in the Equestrian Catalog When we last spoke with Randy Catanese a few issues ago, our discussion centered around the important steps to take when buying a horse. For this issue, we spoke in depth about warranties or the promises related to the health and fitness of a horse in a purchase. We…

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Bills of Sale

As Featured in the Equestrian Catalog Bills of Sale, what are they, why are they important, and what are the effects of them, whether signed or not signed? Randy Catanese reminded us that the when you go to register a horse, the USEF will ask you for a Bill of Sale, or a document that…

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Express and Implied Warranties

As Featured in the Equestrian Catalog In an equine purchase and sales agreement, there are two types of warranties, an implied warranty and an express warranty. Randy Catanese, who specializes in equine law, explained the differences to us, and gave quite a lot of important information that some might find surprising. Read and learn. “The…

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