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Business Disputes: Settled by Professionals

Business disputes have become a more common occurrence in recent years as the amount of litigation has increased overall.  Any individual who stays current with the news knows that there are plenty of high-profile cases that are currently being resolved; however, the ones you hear about everyday are just a fraction of the overall number.  In fact, small disputes occur regularly, and most businesses know the value of having legal counsel available to help settle various matters that may arise.

One of the more common disputes that tend to occur is between partners in an LLC.  When first getting involved in a business together with another individual, it is undoubtedly an exciting time.  Everyone shares the drive and ambition to make the company succeed, sacrifice what they need to and co-operate on mostly everything.  When the “honeymoon” fades away, however, and the company is facing the music, issues tend to pop up.  Whether this takes the form of a minor disagreement or becomes a full-blown legal battle, there are always ways to avoid disputes in the first place.

When starting an LLC, it would be wise to consider several questions when choosing a partner in order to avoid potential legal disputes down the road.  For instance, do both of you share the same ideals and goals for the company? What if one tends to change his or her goals on a regular basis, while you stick to your guns?  When there is discord amongst the leadership in a company, it is never a winning formula.  Another aspect to consider is making sure the terms of profit are agreed upon, whether in writing or some sort of legal documentation.

A Thousand Oaks business dispute lawyer can help settle any potential litigation that your company may experience.  While anyone can do their best to avoid all types of litigation, it is sometimes inevitable; make sure you choose a winning team with Catanese and Wells.