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Choosing the Right Business Attorney For You, According to Westlake Village Business Attorney

Choosing the right business attorney for you isn’t always so simple, nor should it be taken lightly. When searching for California business lawyers, you’ll find a myriad of lawyers all claiming to be the best in the area. However, when searching for the right lawyer, for you, there are certain things to take a look at, which include the number of years in the business, reviews and testimonials, and more. The first step to finding a good lawyer is speaking to them first over the phone and then setting up a personal meeting to determine their level of professionalism and plan for your specific needs.

Catanese & Wells, an experienced Westlake Village business attorney, offers his tips on finding the right attorney in your area, starting with paying attention to these traits during the meeting.

  • Affordability
    Be sure to ask about hourly fees or fixed fees depending the specific project. It’s important to take into consideration how long the project could take, as an experience lawyer might charge more per hour but get it done in a timely manner. Ask about fees in relation to actual time billed.
  • Willingness to work with your case
    Be direct in the “size” of your case. Many lawyers don’t mind handling smaller jobs but you’ll want to ensure that your project will receive the same attention as issues of a large case.
  • Ability to explain complex legal issues in layman’s terms
    It’s very important that you understand everything your lawyer is doing for you and they need to put it in such a way that you can understand. When meeting with them, ask them to explain things in layman’s terms so you can rest easy knowing exactly what is happening with your case.
  • Your personal feeling for the relationship
    While it’s not necessary to become close with your attorney, you should ensure that you are able to get along with him or her and establish a professional, harmonious relationship with.
  • How quickly the attorney gets back to you
    Whether it’s returning your calls or answering emails, it’s important to have a lawyer that is timely and on top of things, as it can be frustrating to lose contact with him or her.

Every lawyer is different and handles things differently. However, each lawyer should offer a high level of professionalism, along with experience in your industry – these are things you should always expect from your attorney.