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Copyright Infringement on the Internet

Thanks to hosting sites such as DeviantArt, Etsy, and Tumblr, all types of artists are able to display their work to the world and make a name for themselves through the internet. Whether it’s fine art, writing, photography, crafts, music, or something else that you’ve created, there are copyright laws that protect your work. Copyright is a common concern for artists and questions often arise, such as “What if somebody steals my work and uses it on their website?” or “Can someone take my take my artwork off the internet and make cards and sell them?” There are many artists who don’t put their work up on the web for fear that somebody will steal their work, or recreate it, therefore stealing their ideas.

Some examples of copyright infringement include:

  • Placing a photo or creative work online that doesn’t belong to you without permission
  • Using a creative work commercially
  • Adapting a creative work of one medium to another such as a photograph to a painting
  • Modifying a creative work without permission

So how do you avoid copyright infringement as an internet user?

While copyright infringement can be confusing, the best way to do this is to make everything completely original without referencing or deliberately copying anyone else’s work and to use your common sense. If you decide to use materials that are owned by someone else, you need to obtain permission before placing your work on the web. If a dispute were to occur, no matter which end you’re on, you should contact a California Litigation Lawyer. Catanese & Wells offers a highly experienced business litigation team. Our goal is to resolve cases without extensive litigation. However, our firm is capable of handling any type of civil, business or probate/estate litigation when necessary to protect you.