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Employment Contracts: What Should Be Included?

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and employee regarding employment terms that should be provided to an employee within two months of their start date. An employment contract, separate from a statement of terms, is a comprehensive contract that allows an employer to specifically state an employee’s duties and responsibilities so that an employee knows exactly what is expected of them. There are many employment regulations that change regularly, which is why it’s important to contact a California business lawyer to draft up the contract. Below are just a few things that should be included in the contract.

A start date, job title and description, and place of work are a few obvious things to include within an employment contract. Hours of work must also be included, as well as whether or not the employee is eligible for overtime. The employment contract may also specify a probationary period (also known as a trial period) with the option of a short notice period at the end of the trial if the employee does not fulfill expectations – this trial period can be extended. An important aspect of the contract is of course, salary. This should detail the employee’s gross salary before tax, national insurance, and any deductions, also specifying when the employee is paid.

An employment contract should also include details regarding assessments, deductions, expenses, holidays, sickness and disability, pension, notice, and other particulars of employment. The main purpose that an employment contract serves is to ensure that the employer and employee are on the same page regarding every aspect of the employment. In order to properly draft up an employment contract, it’s important to consult with Catanese & Wells, an experienced California business lawyer, to ensure that everything is covered properly.