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How to Best Protect Your Business from Litigation

Litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and it comes as no surprise that most businesses would rather do their due diligence to avoid it rather than wind up on the receiving end. Catanese & Wells are known throughout the greater Los Angeles area for their team of business litigation lawyers that are prepared to offer the best possible representation for their clients. Still, the team realizes that sometimes business litigation can be avoided via proactive steps that work to prevent the escalation of disagreements. Here, Catanese & Wells includes a few ways that businesses can reduce the risk of being litigated by individuals or other corporate entities.

Many of the methods for protecting against business litigation involve taking a proactive approach before problems have the chance to escalate. One way that this can be done is by ensuring that agreements are reduced to writing and reviewed by an attorney before they are signed. This is because oral discussions, innuendo, and unclear terms are often catalysts for litigation as they create breathing room for argument. Both parties have a vested interest in consulting a competent attorney to review written agreements and ensure that they are enforceable and the agreed upon terms of the contract are fair.  Instead of trying to cut corners via documentation that is incomplete, vague, or otherwise inadequate, be proactive in your approach to business and avoid business litigation by being sure that all parties know what to expect from the working relationship.

Both business and law require consistent communication, and proper communication channels are key to preventing issues that can lead to business litigation in the future. There are a variety of ways that communication can be proved in a manner that could help to reduce risks of litigation. For example, if something is to go wrong, it is always better to explain the issue to those that you are in business with to work towards an amicable solution. In many cases, business litigation is the result of one party ceasing to keep communication lines open when an issue arises. Remember that communication is great for avoiding business litigation however, if litigation is underway, you and your attorney may find it best to ensure that any further conversation is done in the presence of representation.

It is important to realize that some issues can be unavoidable and hiring an experienced attorney may be the best way to avoid business litigation in your situation. An attorney will be able to assist with many of facets of the legal process including evaluating the merits of your business’s position in the dispute, providing legal guidance, and looking into ways that the dispute can be rectified without the need for business litigation. A good attorney can be the difference between a relatively quick resolution between businesses and expensive litigation, so it is always important to ensure that the attorney that you choose can be helpful for your needs. If another company decides to pursue litigation, having prior communication with a trusted attorney can provide a framework for moving forward in the process.