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Keys to Protect Your Company — The Benefits of Legal Counsel


When it comes to the complexities of corporate contracts, mergers, acquisitions and other agreements, it is necessary to have an experienced business lawyer in your corner. However, the need does not end there and you can protect your company from lawsuits, changes in corporate regulations and the like by retaining legal counsel. This will not only save your company from hassle and headache, it could quite possibly save your company. Period.



Strategic Business Moves


The ins and outs of corporate maneuvering, limited liability companies and partnerships can be mind-boggling. Think of our lawyers as architects for innovative, creative strategies. We can work closely with your executives and strategists to construct an intelligent, savvy plan for your company. Why plan ahead? Staying ahead of the curve is essential to survival in today’s competitive corporate sphere. To keep advancing, you’ll need a team of Los Angeles business lawyers at your side.


The Fine Print


Contract negotiation and preparation, buy/sell agreements, employment contracts – the list goes on and on. Legal paperwork is a daily necessity in your company, regardless of your industry. From identifying and securing merger and acquisition candidates to specialty contracts for public and private companies, leave the fine print and legal language to us. We are, after all, the experts.


The Laws that Govern


When it comes to government law and regulations, you or your company can’t be too careful to abide. Capital formation, Federal and State securities, regulation D private placements – these are important matters to take into account, for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not evening mentioning copyrights and trademarks, infringements alone could cost your company much more than a few dollars. Stay on the right side of the government and leave keeping a watchful eye up to us.


The Good, the Bad and…


Sooner or later, businesses find themselves in hot water. Whether by a lawsuit, an infringement case, a business dispute or civil litigation, you don’t want a bad event to bring your company to its knees. Avoid the negative press, the hefty court costs and the disruptive proceedings with proper counsel from the start. An out-of-court settlement can save your business a great deal of embarrassment and cost; however if a hearing is necessary, you will undoubtedly want our experienced team of litigators in your corner.


Closing Arguments


For all things business in Los Angeles, a business lawyer is a necessity. Catanese and Wells are here to help with everything from confidentiality agreements and mergers and acquisitions to Internet law and civil litigation. Keep us in your corner and we’ll keep your company ahead of the game.