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Most Important New California Internet Laws of 2015

This year, hundreds of new laws in California have or will be taking effect. Several of these new laws are in response to corruption scandals in the Legislature, racially inflammatory comments by the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, and the mass shooting in Isla Vista last spring. Others are in response to drug crimes, rights for illegal immigrants, and the paparazzi’s use of aerial drones. Aside from the above, California has also opted to address a few Internet issues and has created the laws found below.cata

  • Businesses may no longer use personal information about minor students obtained through Internet education websites and mobile applications for any purpose other than online education.
  • Internet websites may no longer charge a fee to people who have been arrested in exchange for removing their booking photos from a website.
  • The law against posting sexually explicit photos of someone online as retaliation is extended to photos taken, though not posted, by the victim.
  • Victims of “revenge porn” can seek court orders to have sexually explicit photos posted by others removed from the Internet and to ask for damages.

In the age of the Internet, where technology like cell phones and tablets, as well as social media is continually evolving, it’s important that new laws are laid out every year to protect users’ privacy. From copyrights to intellectual property to defamation, it’s important that you know the Internet laws avoid getting into any legal trouble. If you’re facing legal issues, it’s vital to speak with an experienced California business lawyer to help you straighten things out. Contact us at Catanese & Wells by calling 818-707-0407 to see how we can help