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Registering a Trademark for Your Business

The first thing a customer or client notices about a company is their unique “face” – whether it is in the form of a name, phrase, logo, word, or symbol. Your company’s face or trademark represents your company and should be protected accordingly. Should a company neglect to register their trademark, there can be a variety of consequences. Sometimes, another company as a similar logo, name, or phrase, and can cause both businesses to lose its image. A could end up losing their trademark and paying monetary damages for copyright infringement. The company that didn’t register their trademark may have to re-design the entire logo, change the business name, and create a new slogan. This could result in confusion between customers, vendors, and other affiliates.

If something like this were to occur, whether you failed to register your trademark or you find that another company’s is too similar to yours, it’s important to hire a lawyer to help you sort things out. California Business Lawyers can aid you in the process. Enforcement of trademark and copyright laws, as well as infringement defense are a few things Catanese & Wells can do for you. Trademark searches with opinion letters and registration of trademarks and copyright applications are just a few things that you may need a California business lawyer for.

Besides offering copyright and trademark services, Catanese & Wells also offers a variety of services to benefit your business and help when you’re and need. Catanese & Wells offers business analysis, strategic business formation, contract negotiation, buy/sell agreements, internet law and more.