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Starting a Business? Hire a Business Lawyer to Help You in the Process

Starting a business is an exciting and thrilling opportunity that many take advantage of. But, it can also be a complex process as there are multiple steps involved. More specifically, there are legal issues that need to be decided in order to protect your business. Below are a few important legal issues involved when starting a business.

Meeting state and federal requirements
In order to start your business, there are state and federal licenses and permits you need to obtain. Also, to be eligible for certification, your business must meet requirements as deemed by the state. You will have to fill out the appropriate forms and paperwork as well. A Ventura County business lawyer can help you in this process and ensure you are in compliance with the government’s regulations.

Preparing employment contracts
Employee contracts are one of the most important documents your business will need as they layout the terms and obligations of the employees. They serve as an agreement between you and your employees. These include items such as job title and responsibilities, salary and compensation, health and medical benefits, length of employment and reasons for termination. With the help of a business lawyer, you can understand the employment laws and ensure the contract meets those regulations.

Creating confidentiality agreements
Undoubtedly, businesses have information that they want to remain confidential. But, at times information may need to be shared with outside sources – other businesses and organizations. To help protect your business secrets, a confidentiality agreement is created. A business lawyer will help you prepare your agreement to ensure that your information can be shared but kept safe.

Handling business disputes
A business law attorney can help you in properly managing business disputes. This includes dealing with lawsuits by current or former employees or customers, real estate disputes, partnership disputes, land use disputes, fraud, and a number of other business concerns. An experienced lawyer will help you take the necessary steps to protect you and your business.

Protecting copyrights and trademarks
As businesses try to get their name out to the public and become known through marketing and advertising, it’s important that they protect their trademarks and copyrights. These distinguish your goods and services from others and keep your name and brand protected.

While you may not need a lawyer for every step of the process, starting a business without the legal advice and knowledge of one can be costly. With the many important legal documents to complete and decisions to make, hiring an experienced business lawyer is crucial to any successful business. At Catanese and Wells, we understand that you want your business to be successful and we will help you reach your business goals by guiding you through the complex legal steps involved.