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The Importance of Hiring a Reputable Thousand Oaks Business Lawyer

Oftentimes, people wonder if they’d be better off saving their money and handling legal matters on their own. However, business lawyers exist for a reason and oftentimes, it’s worth the money to ensure that your legal aspects are well-taken care of. The following recommendations tackle commonly asked questions to help you identify exactly why common legal business activities really do require expert legal help from a Thousand Oaks business lawyer.

  1. Incorporating a business or forming an LLC
    When creating a legal business structure, whether it be incorporating a business, forming an LLC, or simply filing as a Sole Proprietorship, it’s important to get a lawyer involved to figure out the best option for you. They can help further explain intricate details related to each option and ensure that any legal aspects are handled properly, particularly if you have strict requirements for shareholder structure, you’re dealing with a large sum of money up front, etc.
  2. Choosing a business name
    An attorney can help you find out whether your selected business name is legally available for use, as you definitely don’t want to be on the wrong end of a trademark dispute. It’s worth the extra money to ensure your name is legal, as it could cost you some big bucks later on.
  3. Registering a trademark
    While you’re not required by law to register a trademark, however, when you register a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with a lawyer, it’s exponentially easier for you to recover your properties. An example is if someone is using a close domain name or Twitter handle.
  4. Creating non-disclosure agreements and contracts
    In order to make sure your agreements or contracts are completely legal and done properly, it’s important to have a lawyer draft up client contracts, partner or vendor agreements.
  5. Filing a patent
    To ensure that your application is done right, it’s wise to turn to an attorney due to the complexity of the process – Acquiring a patent can take up to six years and hundreds of hours of work.

And of course, it’s vital to contact a lawyer if ever faced with litigation. Catanese & Wells is an experienced Thousand Oaks business lawyer with a variety of legal services. Contact the firm today for more information at 818-707-0407.