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Top 4 Most Common Types of Business Disputes

A lot goes into managing and maintaining a successful business when it comes to employees, customers, and of course, management. Even the smoothest-running companies have had their fair share of disputes. However, knowing and being able to identify the most common types of business disputes can help you avoid them and know what to do to solve them as quickly as possible before the worsen.


  • Employment Disputes
    Employment disputes can occur including: discrimination based on sex, race, age disability, marital status, or any other form of employee discrimination; disagreement over salary or payment; maternity leave disputes; unfair dismissal charges; and disputes over representation at employment tribunals.
  • Disputes Between Businesses
    While business to business relationships are often more helpful than they are hurtful, they can also be complicated and delicate. When disagreements arise between companies, it could require some serious and professional mediation or legal action with a Los Angeles business dispute lawyer depending on the severity of the dispute.
  • Partnership Disputes
    Partnership disputes are perhaps the most common type of business dispute out there, as those in leadership roles often find themselves in a disagreement that turns into a larger dispute. Most commonly, partnership disputes revolve around a change in leadership, a disagreement of direction, hiring disputes, and financial disputes.
  • Breach of Contract/Financial Agreements
    A breach of contract or financial agreements is a sure way to bring on a dispute between partners or other businesses. Contracts are legally binding and agreements must be upheld. If a breach of contract a legal agreement is not honored by one or more of the involved parties, either through a failure to act or through direct violation of the agreement, it’s important to contact a Los Angeles business dispute lawyer to help reach a conclusion.


These are just a few of the most common disputes that businesses run into today. Knowing that these disputes can occur and what to do in each situation could help avoid the situation from worsening. If you find yourself in a dispute that can’t be solved on its own, it’s important to contact an experienced business lawyer.