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Have you been Named in a Civil Suit? This Long-Standing Los Angeles Law Firm can Help

Cooler heads do not always prevail. When individuals find themselves at odds over business, real estate or workplace disputes, “talking it over” isn’t always going to help. In situations like these, the best path forward will likely include retaining legal representation. Catanese & Wells, a Los Angeles law firm, has spent decades handling civil litigation cases. The range of cases that are considered “civil litigation” may surprise some readers. That’s why we’d like to explain this sector of law and offer advice to those mulling over their need for representation in state and federal courts.

Individuals and corporations can file civil litigation against each other; the government lodging charges against a person is typically reserved to criminal cases. Landlords versus their tenants, neighbors engaged in a property dispute and people with allegations against a store, hospital or educational facility are prime examples of a civil case. The outcome in California courts depends on the trial-tested experience of the Los Angeles law firm you’ve decided to work with.

How to prepare for civil litigation: If you’ve decided that legal channels are the only way to resolve your problem, then it’s time to get guidance from a Los Angeles law firm. Filing your complaint, paying associated fees, seeking compensation for loss/injuries and attempting to correct the allegedly illegal behavior are all among the initial steps. This process is most effective when the plaintiff decides to work with a law firm that is familiar with civil claims. Complaints of supposed wrong doing are just the first step; you’re going to need proof that you’ve indeed been victimized. For defendants – those who have been named in the civil lawsuit – picking a firm that is committed to your cause will pay off in the long run.

Weighing all options:  There shouldn’t be any surprises in the courtroom. This is thanks to the discovery process, where plaintiff and defendant are made aware of proof each party intends to produce. Witnesses and sworn testimony are signs that a case could go to trial. Another option, which a Los Angeles law firm like Catanese & Wells would suggest, is settlement via mediation or arbitration. Trials can be expensive and you’re placing all bets on judge and jury siding with you. Settlements are an effective alternative and all parties signing nondisclosure agreements can keep the specifics of the deal confidential.

Case-by-case approach: Commitment to the cause is one sign of a Los Angeles law firm worth working with. Being involved in a legal dispute can be time-consuming, stressful and financially taxing if you pick the wrong team of civil attorneys to work with. Time and again, the team at Catanese & Wells have demonstrated their tireless work ethic that will serve justice and deploy a plan for your effective representation.