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Settling Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Unfortunately landlord and tenant disputes are all too common and simply come with the territory of renting property, whether it’s land, a house, or an apartment. Disagreements occur fairly regularly among landlord and tenants over many different aspects such as rules and regulations, rent increases, responsibility for repairs, security deposits, and early termination of the lease.¬†Trying to resolve the disagreement between the parties should be the first choice. However in some instances, you may need to hire a civil litigation lawyer in California

As a tenant, you can avoid disputes with your landlord by having a good written lease agreement in place and by simply knowing your rights. Take an hour or so and educate yourself on the basics of your rights under federal, state, and local law when it comes to renting. It’s important to always retain copies of any correspondence in case they must be used as evidence, as well as receipt for repairs, photos, or reports. Most landlords are reasonable who try to make everything fair but if you feel like your landlord is being un reasonable and is doing something illegal, it may be time to contact a civil litigation lawyer to see how they can help you settle the dispute.

Catanese & Wells is an experienced civil litigation lawyer in California that helps to solve a variety of disputes, including commercial, business, partnership corporate, real estate, and more. Our goal is to resolve the case quickly and avoid trial, through mediation or arbitration in order to help you prevent financial loss and achieving a solution quickly and efficiently.