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Solving Disputes Between Business Partners

While litigation should be the last solution to disputes between business partners and should only be pursued when everything else has failed, most disputes often inevitably lead to litigation. Disputes between business partners often ultimately lead to separation and can be compared to a divorce of a couple. The failure of a business relationship, much like the failure of a marriage, can often lead to failure to find logical business solutions due to the fact that feelings, egos, and clouded judgment are usually involved in this process. In the event that a logical solution to the dispute cannot be reached between the partners, a civil litigation lawyer in California should be contacted.

Litigation can be expensive, frustrating, and time consuming, but if it can help lead to a solution, it is worth it in the end. California civil litigation lawyers give partners legal advice, access to information, and most of all, they narrow the dispute down to factual and legal issues to resolve the parties’ claims, eliminating feelings and egos from the situation to find a solution. By separating legal facts from feelings, these lawyers are truly able to get down to a solution that is fair to both parties.

Common issues that occur between business partners include breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, fraud, conversion of funds, and more. Catanese & Wells has over 30 years of experience in business disputes and aim to settle your case as efficiently and quickly as possible, while avoiding trial through mediation or arbitration. However, if a trial becomes necessary, our team will work hard to conclude the case in favor of our client.