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What Should You Do When a Partnership Dispute Arises?

When facing a partnership or shareholder dispute, it’s important to solve the dispute as quickly and discreetly as possible to avoid or minimize your losses. Disputes can also disrupt business operations, so it’s also important to solve this dispute to keep things running smoothly and let the parties involved get back to business. There are many reasons that a shareholder or partnership dispute can arise, including salary issues, unfair termination, mismanagement, fraud, breach of contract, missing funds, future business plans, division of work, withholding information, or determining the fair value of one’s shares.

Oftentimes disputes occur because it is unclear of how they will define how the business will treat shares if someone who is invested leaves the business, dies, becomes disabled, or files for bankruptcy or divorce. If you do not clearly outline how each one of these situations will be handled, it can lead to a dispute between partners and shareholders… which is why it’s very important to outline these situations before they have a chance to occur.

When a dispute such as listed above arises, you should contact a civil litigation lawyer in California as quickly as possible – the sooner you contact a lawyer, the more quickly and effortlessly things will get solved. Catanese & Wells is dedicated to providing you with the civil litigation knowledgeable and experience lawyers you deserve. Their goal is to resolve the case quickly and avoid trial, through mediation or arbitration. If a trial becomes necessary, the team will work to conclude as quickly as possible in your favor.