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5 Considerations for Boarding Horses on Your Hobby Farm

There are approximately 9.2 million horses in the United States and 2 million horse owners. Many horse owners require boarding facilities for their horses. If your hobby harm has extra stalls, why not board horses to bring in some extra income? Here are five important considerations to help you develop a successful horse boarding operation:…
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Selling a Horse on Installment Payments? What You Need to Know

If you’re selling a horse, you know that buyers may request installment payment plans. Being open to this option can increase the number of potential buyers for your horse. But if you want the transaction to go smoothly, you must make sure that you’re informed and prepared. Remember that by selling a horse on installment…
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Do Individual Horse Owners Need Liability Insurance?

Is your horse properly insured? Insuring your horse is a smart idea for private horse owners, as it protects you from getting sued if your horse injures another person or causes damage to another's property.  Your insurance policy will cover the cost of the damages for which you are liable, with $1 million usually as…
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