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Would you use just any attorney or law firm when an equine problem arises?

January 3, 2007

Would you use just any attorney or law firm when an equine problem arises? Or, if you had the choice, would you use an experienced law firm with lawyers who specialize in representing people involved in all aspects of the horse law whether for pleasure or business? We think the answers are obvious.

Please let me introduce our law firm to you. We have specialized in equestrian law for the last 25 years. During that time, we have represented individuals in every capacity of the horse industry. We have also represented all breeds and equine industries including issues affecting racing, veterinary malpractice, farrier services, show and pleasure horses, as well as breeding and boarding facilities. 

As a service to our clients and friends of the firm we offer a monthly equine newsletter which usually features an equine legal form document for use in equine contracting or for specialized situation such as tax planning or business planning. With this letter, you will find an article published by our senior attorney T. Randolph Catanese, Esq. discussing warranties in the equine sale agreement. We hope you enjoy the article and find it useful.

We also invite you to review our website at http://www.netbyz.com and particularly the equine section of the site as it provides useful information for anybody involved with horses. There are numerous articles for your review that we believe will also be beneficial for anyone who owns, breeds, or uses a horse for whatever purpose.

Lawyers from our office provide free legal seminars for our clients and friends of the firm. If we can be of assistance to you or your business, we would be pleased to present a seminar on any aspect of the horse industry.

Thank you for your time and attention. Please do not hesitate to contact our firm if you would like to receive additional information about equine horse law sense or if you would like to speak with any one of our equine specialist attorneys.


Catanese & Wells, A Law Corporation