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5 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Equine Law

Whether you operate a private horse business, own a boarding stable, breed horses or ride them, there are many equine-related legal issues involved in the industry. It is important that all horse professionals understand the equine law and how it pertains to them to avoid problems. To help you better understand equine law, here are five commonly asked questions about the legal implications of dealing with these large mammals.

1. What is Equine Law?
Equine law pertains to all legal aspects of horses and related business, including buying and selling agreements, breeding, boarding contracts, leasing agreements, liability, labor issues, and more. The law defines legal responsibility for injuries or damage connected to horse-related events.

2. Does Equine Law Vary From State to State?
Yes — the law varies in each state because the definition of “equine” differs depending on where you are. Therefore, it’s important to read and understand the statute and how it applies in your area.

3. What is an Equine Attorney?
An equine attorney is an individual who serves horse owners or professionals and assists and advises them on issues pertaining to the law. They have in-depth knowledge of the horse industry and its legal ramifications.

4. Do Equine Attorneys Represent Horses?

No. Equine attorneys represent individuals and companies involved in the horse industry, including owners, riders, trainers, stables, coaches, breeding farms and more.

5. When Should I Turn to an Equine Attorney?

Many seek the legal guidance of an equine attorney prior to preparing contracts and finalizing any agreements or business deals in order to ensure that all transactions are legal, fair and properly handled. Doing so helps you avoid any possible legal disputes in the future. Undoubtedly, you should seek the expertise of an attorney if you are accused of violating the law. Be sure to select an attorney in your state of residence, since the law varies.

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