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Benefits of Obtaining an Equine Attorney

Owning a horse means a lot of time and money spent. More when there are several. At times it can be necessary to obtain legal assistance for various reasons. For a better understanding of what these specialized attorneys can do, and a rundown for the various reasons to hire an equine-specific attorney rather than a general practitioner, is explained below by a Los Angeles horse lawyer.

Equine attorneys are well versed in all aspects of equine-related laws. An experienced equine attorney can advise and advocate on situations such as disputes, purchase agreements, and medical emergencies, to name a few.

Equine attorneys can also do much more for their clients. Below is everything horse owners should know about equine attorneys from why they are the best choice to when they are needed.

Why Equine Attorneys are Necessary

If horse ownership was simple, there would be no need for equine attorneys. Unfortunately, owning a horse can come with many unforeseen complications. Accidents can and will happen. Not to mention possible disputes with other owners or organizations.

Even when there aren’t complications, equine lawyers can draft contracts and other legal documents. They can also assist their clients with insurance, tax laws, purchasing, and selling of horses.

Equine attorneys are necessary to mitigate the risks of all those unforeseen complications. They can ensure that the known complications go as smoothly as possible. Think of them as both a shield and a safety net.

Why Not Hire a General Practice Attorney

With that said, equine attorneys can be more expensive than general practitioners due to their specialized nature. Why not save money and hire a “regular” attorney or even none at all?

The answer is the level of quality clients get with an equine attorney. General practitioners won’t know the quirks of equine laws. While they can research and do a great job, they will be learning on the client’s bill. This can often exceed the cost of a trained equine lawyer.

Not to mention that equine attorneys are often horse lovers just like their clients. They will understand the bonds that the owner and the horse form. In situations where this comes up, the attorney will do their best for both client and horse.

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When To Hire an Equine Specific Attorney

Equine attorneys are necessary any time there is a risk or the chance of a risk to the horse, owner, or organization. Attorneys are expertly trained to protect the interests of their clients. Without this support, the consequences of a situation can be many times worse.

Any time there is an agreement between two parties an equine attorney should be hired to consult. As mentioned previously, the attorney can ensure the contract is in the client’s best interests and revise it if necessary. Not to mention write or provide the contract if there is none.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, equine attorneys can be counted on for practically anything related to horse matters. Except for cleaning the horse’s stall of course! Though many horse attorneys, being horse owners themselves, will be familiar with the task.

Horse owners can save themselves a lot of trouble in the future by hiring an equine attorney.