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Defense Verdict in Favor of Equine Trainer in Orange County Superior Court – Catanese & Wells

Catanese & Wells obtain complete judgment in favor of Equine Trainer sued for Negligence

Thousand Oaks, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2016 – Catanese & Wells, A Los Angeles based law firm specializing in equine law obtain another favorable outcome for their client after a one week judge trial in the Orange County Superior Court in the case of Woscoff v. Einkauf, Case No. 30-2013-00667126-CU-PO-CJC. The Plaintiffs, Mr. and Mrs. Woscoff, sued Ellen Einkauf, a horse trainer, for personal injury (gross negligence), fraud and rescission. T. Randolph Catanese, Esq. argued to the trial judge that Mrs. Woscoff assumed the risk of injury claimed against her trainer, Ms. Einkauf. Mr. Catanese also argued at the conclusion of the evidence that there was no proof that Ms. Einkauf did anything wrong as a horse trainer. After several days of trial with multiple witnesses, the trial judge agreed that Ms. Einkauf had no duty to Mrs. Woscoff for the injuries suffered in a training accident. The Court thereafter entered a judgment in favor of Ms. Einkauf against both Mrs. Woscoff and her husband.

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