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Do Individual Horse Owners Need Liability Insurance?

Is your horse properly insured? Insuring your horse is a smart idea for private horse owners, as it protects you from getting sued if your horse injures another person or causes damage to another's property.  Your insurance policy will cover the cost of the damages for which you are liable, with $1 million usually as…
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How to Prevent Common Horse Breeding Disputes

In the past, horse breeding agreements were arranged by a handshake, with nothing in writing. As the horse breeding process has become much more complex, a well-written horse breeding contract is essential in preventing potential problems and disputes. Read on to learn about some common horse breeding disputes and how they can be avoided with…
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Three Common Horse Leasing Mistakes for First-Time Lessees

Are you thinking about leasing a horse? Leasing provides horse enthusiasts with a good alternative to ownership. As a lessee, you can enjoy the pleasure and responsibility of ownership, without the costly investment. Leasing is also a beneficial prerequisite for those who are serious about buying a horse in the future. While leasing can be…
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