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Should You Take Boarders In For Extra Income? Legal Aspects to Consider

With an estimated 2-3 million privately owned horses in the United States, most of them require boarding facilities. Taking in boarders can help recoup the cost of owning a horse, plus it gives you the opportunity to make revenue from it. However, taking on boarders to your property is a serious decision and should be decided based upon various determining factors. Besides taking on a 24 hour job, factors such as finance, responsibilities, management, and your facility should be considered. Perhaps the most important aspect to pay attention to when taking in boarders is equine law.
Once you open up your property to boarding, you’re in the business of serious risk management. While many states now have equine liability laws that limit the liability of equine professionals, it’s still important to protect yourself.
• Post a sign
It’s a requirement in most states to post a sign on your property stating the assumed risks that come along with equine activities. By not posting a sign, you could be your rights for protection.
• Draw up a boarding contract
Draw up a contract that states all the details of your care and facilities. This will help limit your liability in case of an accident or injury on your property.
• Get adequate insurance
You need insurance to protect you in an accident or injury case since boarding is considered a commercial activity. Find an insurance carrier that offers equine liability protection.
• Do everything possible to ensure safety
Insist kids wear helmets, keep pastures clear of debris, and fix stalls and barn equipment as soon as possible.