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Taking Action Against Farrier Malpractice

In general, the law imposes a duty on professionals, including farriers, to use the same reasonable skill, diligence, and attention that are expected of another careful and skillful person in the same profession. If you believe a farrier has fallen short of this general standard, you may have the right to bring legal action against him or her for professional negligence or malpractice. In order to do this, you must take the necessary steps to contact a lawyer experienced in equine law in order to prove your case. In order bring a claim against a farrier, you must prove specifically how they made an error.
• You must prove that the farrier had a legally recognize duty to handle a professional matter in a certain way.
• You must prove that the farrier did not do their duty and usually requires a witness testimony, meaning another farrier needs to explain exactly what the other farrier did wrong by testifying in court. In some cases, a qualified veterinarian must explain how the problem has affected your horse now and what problems may occur in the future as a result of the farrier’s malpractice.
• You must prove that it was your farrier’s wrongful actions that caused your horse’s injury or death, and that no other reason could have been the cause.
• You must prove that you have lost a large sum of money due to the malpractice. You may have to hire an equine appraiser to testify regarding your losses.
There are various damages to be awarded if your case is proven to be accurate, including market value in the event of death, money to make up for decreased value, lost profits (races, shows, and stud fees), reimbursement of expenses, and more. A farrier malpractice cases can become long, difficult, and complicated process if you choose not to hire an experienced equine law lawyer. Catanese & Wells has been serving the needs of the equine industry since 1984 in all equine industries and breeds.