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Aggressive Trust and Estate Litigation Attorneys can help Clients Settle Sudden Civil Matters

Some legal proceedings are more delicate than others. Matters dealing with an inheritance and surviving family members rank near the top of that list. While the will of a deceased person is generally the final say on their last wishes, it’s possible to contest the orders within. This is when trust and estate litigation can be filed and there are many high-profile examples of probate-related legal processes grabbing headlines. In California, the Catanese & Wells Estate Litigation Group can help clients prepare their will and trusts and ensure that their vision for the future lives on. Similarly, this litigation group that represents clients throughout California has experience with settling will contests, real estate disputes and the beneficiaries named within. If you’re looking for a firm to take on your trust and estate litigation with tact, the Catanese & Wells boutique law firm can help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every facet of our lives; executing wills and distributing inheritances is just one more example. According to a June 2020 article from The San Diego Union-Tribune, a late California woman who died in March named her out-of-state daughter as executor. The late woman also had a mortgage-free $400,000 home and $20,000 to be distributed to two grandsons. Legal experts who handle trust and estate litigation responded to the inquiry, stating that a California probate case can take “eight to 12 months or more. Pandemic-related court closures are adding many months to the process.” To avoid this timely process, it’s also possible to draft a living trust where “transfer on death” avoids red tape and jumping through excessive hoops to get what has been set aside. Keeping tabs on news items and ongoing court cases is one of the best ways to stay current on the latest legal options. This improves outcomes for clients, as it is possible to base legal tactics off of other efforts that have already succeeded in court.

There does not appear to be any disputes surrounding the real estate and beneficiaries in the particular instance mentioned above. However, the Catanese & Wells Estate Litigation Group is well aware of what happens when survivors are blind-sided by a late family member’s last wishes. A recent article from JD Supra, a public relations firm that works with legal clients, “family members may be more assertive in competing for resources” during times of financial downturn. There’s no question that we’re in austere economic times and favorable outcomes in legal proceedings are more important now than ever before. The attorneys who work with our clients always keep the needs of the family in mind. Their aggressive efforts to obtain a fair resolution is what the reputation of our firm rests upon.