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Michael Manages to Make Enemies Posthumously

Wade Robson, a dancer and choreographer who had worked extensively with superstar Michael Jackson as a child, is claiming the pop idol was “a pedophile and a child sex abuser”. These severe allegations came as a shock to many those who represent the Jackson estate, not because of the nature of the statement, but its timing.

According to multiple Los Angeles Estate Litigation Lawyers, Robson had denied any instances of Jackson mistreating him. Now, after 20 years of defending the deceased musician, Wade is filing a hefty lawsuit for sexual and psychological assault. Though his opposition states Robson’s actions are “outrageous and sad”, the plaintiff asserts that he “never forgot one moment of what Michael did”. If Robson is to be believed, it would mean he is guilty of committing perjury at least twice, and continued to openly lie to everyone about his relationship with the celebrity.

Defending his potential hypocrisy, Wade claims that he was brainwashed into thinking what Jackson did to him was ‘normal’ and that this was how love was expressed. It took becoming a father, Robson continued, to make him realize that the relationship he was having as a child was in no way average. While watching his newborn son grow should have been a special time, instead it was plagued with memories of unwanted encounters. He says that the court case isn’t about money, despite the huge sum on the line, it’s about healing.

Jackson fans around the globe continue to cry foul; appalled that Robson would take action against the man who made his career. Others suspect the choreographer’s family is to blame, implying that his parents allowed the elicit affairs to continue in exchange for potential fame and affluence. The public has little sympathy for the man whose sworn oaths in a similar case in 2005 managed to help Jackson’s acquittal. Wade, his sister, and mother all defended the musician, referring to him as “perfectly trustworthy”.
Was Robson brainwashed, or is he just trying to cash in on Jackson’s fame now that the legend has passed? What do you think?