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When to Pursue Estate Litigation

The wellbeing of a trust can affect your personal finances as well as those of your spouse, children, and future generations. If you suspect that you or your family have been the victims of trust mismanagement or fraud, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. Speak with an expert Los Angeles estate attorney at…

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What to Know About Trust Litigation

In the 33 years since Catanese & Wells was first founded, our expert team of trust and estate litigators has tirelessly worked to secure victories for clients both in and out of court. We understand the complexities of trust litigation and are prepared to apply our decades of experience to your case. Because your case…

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Benefits of Creating a Trust Fund for Your Loved One

One of the most common misconceptions regarding trusts is that they only apply to wealthy families; however, there are numerous benefits to creating a trust fund whether or not you are upper-class. Trusts can help individuals customize and manage their assets and ensure they are properly distributed to beneficiaries after death. For the past thirty-eight…

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Common Reasons Westlake Village Estate Lawyers Are Consulted for Litigation

When a person drafts a will or trust, they do so assuming that they are creating an iron-clad legal document that can be clearly followed by loved ones after their passing. Of course, this is not always the case and estate disputes can arise when loved ones feel as though the validity of the documents…

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