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Explaining Four Different Business Structures

  As you’re starting out in business, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is the type of business structure you choose for your company. That decision will have huge implications on personal liability, taxes, and even how much paperwork you will need to do. The truth is that no business…

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Things to Keep in Mind When You Sell Your Horse

  Let’s say you’re thinking about selling your horse. You might be wondering what you must do legally to ensure a smooth and fair transaction. All too often, sellers are sued by buyers because they do not disclose what they are supposed to and the buyer feels as if they were deceived. The sale of…

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How Does a Company Enforce Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements?

  If an employee agrees to a job offer by a company, they may be asked to sign a non-competition agreement, a non-disclosure agreement, or both. For the purposes of this blog, we will discuss both and explain why it’s important to hire an experienced business attorney in Los Angeles. What Is the Difference between…

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So What Exactly Is Probate Anyway?

  When someone dies, it could lead to a lot of questions by the family regarding the estate. Emotions can get high, so it is important to hire estate attorneys who can help your family ensure the final bills and taxes are paid and the remainder of the estate goes to the rightful heirs or…

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