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Selling a Horse on Installment Payments? What You Need to Know

If you’re selling a horse, you know that buyers may request installment payment plans. Being open to this option can increase the number of potential buyers for your horse. But if you want the transaction to go smoothly, you must make sure that you’re informed and prepared. Remember that by selling a horse on installment…

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Fraud in Equine Buying/Selling Transactions

Unfortunately, a common issue in the horse industry is fraud or concealment in horse sales. It’s your duty as a buyer or seller to understand equine law in horse sales to ensure that everything that is going on is within the federal laws and laws set forth by the individual state in which the transaction…

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Avoid Costly Estate Planning Mistakes by Hiring an Estate Lawyer

Estate planning is no easy task and oftentimes, it’s best to hire an estate planning lawyer. One wrong word or missing signature can change a will or trust in its entirety. It’s important to find an experienced estate planning attorney to draft your documents in order to ensure that your wishes are met in the…

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How to Donate Your Estate to Charity

Many people want to do some good with the money that they have accrued over their lives. For some, the best way to accomplish this is to donate a portion or even all of their estate to charity. However, planning how to handle your estate is notoriously complex. There are many things to consider and,…

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